This course is made by Ben Tristem and he has gathered a team of very good people around him and they are making some of the best online courses I’ve experienced. In addition to the Udemy site and it’s tools you will also get access to a website called when taking this course.  I’ll go deeper into this in another blog post later.

I’ll quickly go through the first couple of sections in this course since I did them some time ago and don’t think I can manage to do a detailed description of each lecture now.


Section 1 – Introduction and Setup

This section gives a introduction to the course, what you get and the tools you will be using. Really nothing special, but you’ll learn to set up your system on Windows and Mac and getting ready to continue through the rest of the course.

Section 2 – Bulls & Cows Word Console Game – Your First C++

This section is an introduction into C++. The course itself requires no previous C++ knowledge, so here they introduce basic C++ to make a simple console game. They introduce you to the different concepts in C++, it’s syntax, functions, includes and namespaces, constants, variables, loops, comparisons, classes etc. This section is more or less the short version of the other programming course I’m taking, Beginning C++.

Unreal is not touched at all in this section, but they do some things to get you ready for programming C++ with some specialised Unreal syntax.

In the end you  end up with a nice little guessing game that they encourage you to change up and build on to make your own version.

So yeah, that was the quick run through of these two sections. They’re really not that special just some intro to Unreal and C++. Some of the C++ concepts is covered very quickly and can be hard to understand, but this is just an intro to something we will be using a lot in the rest of the course so hopefully we’ll learn more about how to use it as the course progress.

Edit: Did some editorial stuff to make the piece read better. Also changed from Unity to Unreal as I somehow got confused when I wrote the article and wrote the wrong name.

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