young-game-match-kids.jpgSo, this spring might be a new start for me. Things happened earlier in winter that gave me time to think about a lot of things. So I decided to take advantage of what happened and run with it. Sadly life always comes in the way, so for now I haven’t been able to run as far as I wanted to, but maybe. This is a first step and hopefully there will be many that will lead me to new and wonderful places. It will be a multipart journey and I will try to document all of it on this site.



One part is my personal health and well-being. I’ve been way to heavy for a long time, clocking in at around 115kg. That is way too much when I’m only 177cm tall. For a long time my goal has been to get down to two digit weight, so 99kg. It’s been far from easy and I’ve been hovering around 112-115 for ages with no real progress.

But over 5 weeks this winter I went down about 10-12kg “for free”. I got ill, lost my appetite and the kilos vanished, so now I hover around 103-104kg in stead. Much better and SO much closer to my 99kg goal.

Now you will probably say that weight you lose when ill will always come back. Well, I’ve managed to stay at my current weight for about a month now without gaining anything, so I have hope that I might not get heavier again if I continue do the right things.

The other thing I got from being ill over a longer period was a huge change in my eating habits. I used to be very fond of chocolate and Coca-Cola. I still like chocolate, but I don’t have the same hunger for it that I used to. And Coca-Cola and other sugary drinks I can’t even touch now. They are just SO sweet. But I do have gotten a liking to fruit. So this means what I put into my body will contain much less calories and also be more healthy.

The other thing is that since I’m now lighter it’s much easier to move around. I have just dropped a 10kg weight behind and that is quite a lot when walking, bicycling, doing push-ups, lifting weights or other exercises. This means it’s much more probable that I will increase my exercise and the amount I move around.

So my health goals for this year is to get below 100kg in weight, increase my fitness and build core musculature. I’ll target my weight by eating properly and don’t stuff junk into my face whenever. The fitness will be addressed by using a rowing machine that we have at work, my bicycle and general trekking in the woods around where I live. The core musculature will be taken care of by lifting weights. If I can I will do the Stronglifts 5×5 program, but at least I will do a mini version of that. And sleep! Sleep is important. I’ve gotten way too little of that in recent years.

Hopefully this will make me get in better shape, get stronger and generally feel better. This feeling leads me to part two of my journey.

Personal development


There are two parts to my personal development this year.

  • Professional skills
  • Personal motivation

Professional skills

For my professional skills I will be learning programming. And not just any language, I’m attempting to learn C++. To do that I’m taking a couple of courses on Udemy.

Both courses are pretty extensive and are lead by people with real experience and a goal of teaching people new skills.

The Beginning C++ course is still not completed on the site, but so far contains 240 lectures and over 34 hours of video content. It’s 21 sections and 20 of them are complete so I have lots of stuff to get through before that last section completes the course.

The Unreal course is complete but they still update it when needed. For instance it was written using Visual Studio 2015, but they have added and or edited videos to include content related to Visual Studio 2017 if there’s a difference. They’ve done the same with the Unreal Engine and updated  the course to include whatever changes there are between older versions and the current Unreal Engine v4.19.1. This course contains 319 lectures and a whopping 56 hours of video.

Personal motivation

For this one I’ve also chosen to start with a couple of  Udemy courses.

The first course is pretty small, but I guess there’s a reason for that since one of the points of the course is time management and don’t wasting it. So 14 lectures and less than 1 hour of video, but it will give you the tools needed to identify tasks and optimize your time usage.

The Finish It! course is more about projects and how to complete them. It again gives you the tools needed to getting the overview, identifying blocks, building your momentum and habits to get the results you need.

I’ll be making separate posts about all the courses I take in separate blog posts. I will also make posts about the courses every time I have gone through some lectures. I will try to summarise what I’ve learned but also try to answer any questions that I got after watching the lectures.

I hope you will join me on my journey. If you have questions about the topics I write about I’ll try to answer to the best of my abilities. I also hope I can get help from you people to answer questions I might have and that I can’t find the answer for anywhere else. Hopefully all of us will get something out of this. That’s my end goal for this blog.

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