Beginning C++ 62-75: Statements and Operators

I'm a little bit unsure of what this section will teach us, but I think we'll learn more about the keywords, etc. that C++ uses in a program. Operators are probably stuff like plus, equality, etc., but we'll see. It's a relatively long section with 15 lectures and several 10+ minute long videos, so let's dive in.

Beginning C++ 53-61: Arrays and Vectors

Arrays and Vectors?? I know that an array is like a collection of values. I also know that vectors are used for describing direction and speed in maths. I don't think that's the same here. Well, time to learn some new concepts of the C++ programming language.

Beginning C++ 43-52: Variables and Constants

So this time we have come to variables and constants. Probably some of the most important things in any software as you need somewhere to store the input and data your program uses. This post is a long one, but hang in there and let's see where this section leads us.

Beginning C++ 36-42: Structure

This section teaches us the structures of a C++ program. C++ being a static language imposes some pretty strict rules on what you can do and not, so learning how a program is structured is pretty important. This section starts shows us how a C++ program is structured.